Solve key transfer pricing challenges with this customizable app from Deloitte for the Anaplan platform.
Deloitte Transfer Pricing
Simplify the process of territory and resource realignment with this to easy use territory planning application!
Territory Planning and Management
Take advantage of Deloitte Consulting SEA's expertise with their S&OP app for the Anaplan platform.
Supply Chain
Sales and Operations Planning from Deloitte
Deloitte's Sales Compensation Analytics Application helps organizations have better visibility into pay-for-performance and Sales Compensation ROI across the many sales roles, quota structures, and compensation plans.
Sales Compensation Analytics
Quickly and easily plan the capacity for all of your sprints with Deloitte's app for Anaplan.
Project Plan Capacity Analysis
Easily track and analyze UAT test case defects with this app from Deloitte, built for the Anaplan platform.
User Acceptance Testing Test Case and Defect Management
Combining Deloitte's expertise with the power of the Anaplan platform, the Sales Commission app allows you to quickly and accurately mange sales orders and calculate commissions based on three sales compensation plans.
Sales Commission
As a leading advisory firm in the area of finance—as well as the 2015 Anaplan Implementation Partner of the Year—Deloitte has developed iCost, a cost and profitability management application.
iCost – Cost and Profitability Management
Deloitte’s Feature Film Title Planning Model is a financial model used for forecasting potential future revenue and expense streams (also known as Ultimates) that represent the worldwide distribution of a film.
Feature Film Title Planning
A financial model used for forecasting potential future investment management and expense streams for an asset management business.
Asset Management
Deloitte’s Digital Advertising model is designed to provide planning and analytics for advertising on streamed internet content, particularly television series.
Sales Forecasting
Digital Advertising
Rapidly simulate the financial results of possible external and internal influences on business performance with planning drivers, real-time what-ifs based on changes in drivers and assumptions, and ability to create new scenarios on the fly.
Scenario Planning
The ORSA app, which is a projection tool of the Solvency II balance sheet including Own Funds, individual risk components and P&L can help embedding a robust ORSA (Own-Risks Self-Assessment) process in business
ORSA Forecasting Tool
Provides companies within the C&IP industry the ability to build a forecasts based on statistical modeling.
Predictive Forecasting
This application is supply chain planning solution developed with the goal of integrating IoT, AI and Analytics on a digital platform.
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Planning (Global / Multi-Location PSI) (JP)
The patient-based sales forecasting app for the Pharma industry combines a driver-based approach with statistical methodologies to forecast sales in different therapeutic areas.
Patient-Based and Statistical Sales Forecasting
Deloitte's Upstream Oil & Gas Model is a planning model that allows for the forecasting and analysis of forecasted and actual production revenue streams, exploration expenses, capital expenses, operating expenses and more.
Upstream Oil and Gas
This application is an integrated sales planning process in supply chain planning process, which incorporates advanced features such as new product planning, price/cost structure design, life cycle management and sales aggregation/disaggregation.
Supply Chain
Product Life Cycle Management