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Product Segmentation and Demand Policy

Creating demand forecasts for large product mix is an onerous task. Organizations, that plan demand for a large number of products across multiple customer locations, find it difficult to focus their efforts on a few product-customer combinations that truly require collaboration. In reality, not all products require Plan Collaboration. There are products that have steady coherence to statistical forecasts and their forecasts can simply be trusted. Then there are products that are slow moving or low margin where spending precious collaboration time is unnecessary. The challenge however is to identify these products quickly and put them into separate policy buckets.

This is where a Demand Policy based Product Segmentation comes to rescue and helps you generate more impact for the efforts invested on collaboration. This Demand Policy app by Valizant helps you to classify your product mix into three segments and assign an appropriate planning policy to each set of items. The segments are:

1. Collaboration - Items with high demand volatility and high revenue impact.

2. Forecast - Items with consistent demand pattern and high revenue impact.

3. Stock - Items that are either inexpensive or slow moving or low revenue.

It is important to review product mix periodically since demand patterns and market conditions change over time. Since the rules of segmentation are configurable and reclassification can be performed by the click of a button, this app becomes a very convenient tool for demand planners and product managers who own a very large product mix.


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Why Anaplan for Product Segmentation and Demand Policy?

Take charge of your Demand Plan. Narrow down the list of collaboration planning items and direct everyone’s efforts on those few items. Generate more impact for the efforts invested on collaboration. Simplify the planning process by reducing unnecessary review meetings.
New product introductions, market expansion goals and competitive strategy play a big role in Demand Planning apart from Revenue and Margins. Incorporate the parameters that are significant to your business in a comprehensive demand policy that is also highly executable.
Set ground rules for classifying all your catalog items into collaborative planning, forecast driven planning and stocking policy based planning. Use Demand Volatility, Revenue, Cost, and Lifecycle stage as parameters to determine appropriate policy. Make the policy visible to Planners.
Review your product mix quarterly or once in every 6 months, to factor in changing market conditions. This simple to configure and easy to use app will make it possible for you to refresh and realign even very large product catalogs.


Configurable Demand Policy rules for product segmentation
  • Create comprehensive Demand Policy rules based on product lifecycle attributes, sales revenue or forecast variability information and segment products into multiple planning buckets, example – Collaboration items, Forecast items and Stock items.
Policy based segmentation engine
  • Run demand policy rules on actual business data and narrow down the product mix that requires intensive plan collaboration. Focus your collaboration efforts on this segment. Segregate catalog items where forecasts are reliable or stocking policy is sufficient from the collaborative planning efforts.
Policy review
  • Review the products listed under each segment and review their population with respect to their revenue contribution. Adjust policy parameters if necessary and review how the segmentation changes. Iterate till you see a meaningful segmentation of products.
Policy override
  • Override the segmentation rules in the Demand Policy for any strategic reasons and review changes in segmentation.
Review cycles and reclassifications
  • Undergo a formal review cycle of the finalized product mix by segments. Continue the process periodically to reflect changes in the marketplace.


Valizant helps companies accelerate their journey to market-leading performance through improved alignment and effectiveness. Our mission is to help companies realize value from each segment of their journey through our coaching, consulting, solution design and implementation services.

We take a holistic approach which includes the functions - product, sales, marketing, operations and finance - and dimensions - people, process, data and technology - necessary to achieve that goal.

Our Road to Performance enables customers to minimize risk, accelerate time to value and retain flexibility throughout the journey with our agile methodology.


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