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Planalot’s Time Control is a small and simple to use app, which will help you keep track of your projects and help you with invoicing. On a weekly basis, you can register time spent on all of your projects. Additionally, you can quickly and easily add and name new projects.


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  • Plan utilization ratio and expected fee (per hour) per consultant/employee.
  • Functionality for weekends, public holidays and vacations.
  • Fees per hour per consultant, per project, including functionality for travel time, which often is a percentage of a standard fee.
  • A Project Manager can allocate a consultant on a project basis.
  • Option to use a calculated margin per project.
  • Monthly control: When a month is finished, an administrator can prevent further input for this month.
  • Registration of hours on a weekly basis. Monthly for reporting and utilization.
  • Functionality for commenting on “the work of the day.” This will help you to keep control over the work done and will provide documentation for invoicing.
  • The app provides a monthly overview per project and per consultant, which can be useful for invoicing.

Planalot AS

Re-think. Work smarter! Planalot provides control, less risk and increased profitability. Our services focus on the improvement of planning processes through solutions based on Anaplan. Anaplan minimizes the need for consultants, eliminates out-dated, ineffective solutions and maximizes focus on business.


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Phone: +47 99 40 10 76


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