Patient-Based and Statistical Sales Forecasting

The patient-based sales forecasting app for the Pharma industry combines a driver-based approach with statistical methodologies to forecast sales in different therapeutic areas. This model is able to forecast the number of eligible patients and translate them into volumes using either an incidence or a prevalence patient based model. Through advanced forecasting analytics, end-users simulate a market share, calculate patient drop-out profiles, apply statistical extrapolation techniques, and are able to perform what-if scenarios. In the financial part of the model you are able to add prices and discounts, consolidate key metrics at different levels and review outcomes through e.g. a price-volume analysis, a cross-country comparison and consolidation, or a scenario analysis dashboard.


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Why Anaplan for Patient-Based and Statistical Sales Forecasting?

Allowing for a better allocation of resources and promotional investments.
Helping in understanding new markets, new indication and new trends. Moreover, Patients-Based Forecasting gives insights in the patient flow and the main drivers influencing the sales.
Understanding the primary drivers behind a forecast enables the analyst to create a dynamic therapeutic model, project the impact of future events, and quickly adjust the forecast as these events occur.
The assumptions and the impact of the assumptions on total volume and sales are easy to understand.


Build-in patient-based models by therapeutic area
  • Prevalence and incidence patient-based models (product or segment specific) starting from the epidemiology data of a region
  • Patient drop-out profile calculation and cross line reduction of patients in different treatment lines.
  • Competitive landscape analysis by product, segment and indication
  • Eligible patient derivation based on key drivers and mathematical algorithms
  • Volume derivation
Market share uptake simulator
  • Calculation of the uptake curve to peak market share based on assumptions as: launch period, peak period, peak share, uptake speed (gamma).
  • Shaping a decline curve after an onset period resulting in a final market share for the product.
  • Overwrite possibility on the leaf level.
  • Multiple uptakes and scenario’s possible.
Scenario planning
  • Possibility to run different model-specific scenario’s in the patient-based models.
  • Flexibility to assign for each patient-based model a scenario to the base, best and worst case (reported) scenario.
  • Flexibility to add different number of scenario’s to the different patient-based models
Statistical forecasting techniques
  • Calculate volumes based on historical data using different statistical methodologies (Linear regression, logarithmic regression, decomposition, …)
  • Seasonality and outlier analysis
  • Calculation of the best fitting methodology for each brand and each formulation using forecasting accuracy metrics (as MAPE).
Price-volume analysis
  • Breakdown of the year over year sales differences in volume, price and/or mix variances compared with prior year by product by country and by formulation.
  • Price-Volume comparison across different version.
Country consolidation and country comparison analysis
  • Patient-based model driver comparison across different regions.
  • KPI Consolidation dashboard with detailed country information, portfolio breakdown in different brands, …
  • Volumes, price and sales analysis (indexed numbers, trend analysis, gross vs net analysis, …)


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