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Put structure, speed, consistency, collaboration, and accuracy into your FP&A process with Anaplan. Connect all your financial plans together with less effort and more accuracy. Seamlessly combine financial and operational drivers, and integrate planning at scale across your entire enterprise.


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Why Anaplan for Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting?

Get your planning and budgeting done faster, more accurately, and with less effort across all of your plans, budgets, forecasts, and models—all connected in one system. Anaplan links financial, sales, and operational plans together for accurate, big-picture financial planning and analysis across your entire enterprise.
Plan and forecast for any revenue or cost type based on drivers that matter to your business. FP&A can create one or multiple revenue or cost models to reflect nuances specific to goods, services, subscriptions (ACV, ARR), license fees, single purchases, exchange rates, and commodity prices. Create plans that truly represent the reality of your business—planning and budgeting for any driver, in any model.
Use Anaplan’s Financial Planning and Analysis app to create plans, models, or hierarchies using normal language formulas and spreadsheet-like “click-not-code” methods. FP&A can plan, manage, and make immediate changes as opportunities and challenges arise—without dependence or burden on IT. With Anaplan, you have full control and responsibility so you can drive the results your company needs.
Build and compare any scenario from aggressive to conservative, “what-if,” and more. Create unlimited dimension lists and hierarchies to represent your business and change them on-the-fly with a simple drag and drop. No coding or batch wait time required with Anaplan’s planning and budgeting app. Plan by any time bucket, too—day, week month, or year.


What's new
General features
  • Enterprise cloud planning for financial planning and analysis, strategic and corporate plans, annual budgets, and forecasts
  • Business user–friendly for self-service modeling, planning and budgeting, plus reporting
  • Flexible dimensions to create and modify lists and hierarchies as your business changes
  • Role-based, secure access for relevant insight, clear accountability, and informed decisions
  • Plain-language formulas (no coding) for fast, simple, and business user–owned plans
  • Top-down and bottom-up planning and budgeting to cascade, rollup, and aggregate plans fast and error-free
  • Connected financial planning and reporting—see impact across P&L, balance sheet, cash flow
  • Multi-currency support across plans, forecasts, reports, and dashboards
  • Integrated planning across Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, HR, and Marketing—linking together all areas and all phases of planning and budgeting
Strategic planning
  • Long-range plans for any time window (e.g., one, three, five years)
  • Dynamically cascade by key dimensions to align corporate plans and forecasts
  • Unlimited scenario planning (base, conservative, aggressive) to evaluate and compare impact before finalizing strategy
Planning and budgeting
  • Cascade plans top-down by any dimension (region, unit, department, product)
  • Build budgets bottom-up to align with plan targets
  • Flexible time buckets—day, week, month, period, quarter, year, and custom calendar
  • Automated breakback (historical, seasonal, 4-4-5, custom) for fast, accurate entry
  • Driver- and assumption-based planning for consistency and alignment organization-wide
  • Fuse plans, reports, and charts in one view for immediate visibility of decision impact
  • Line-item details, conditional formatting, alerts, notes, and complete audit trail
Modeling, “what-if,“ and forecasting
  • Unlimited “what-if“ scenarios for proactive insight and better choices
  • Easily create complex models on-the-fly that answer complicated questions and span multiple areas of the business
  • Automate rolling forecasts using “copy version” combining data from previous plans, budgets, and actuals
  • Cash flow forecasting to model cash-in-and-out impact of options before decisions are made
Revenue planning
  • Revenue planning for any business model—recurring, contract, product, services, etc.
  • Connect sales, service, and other revenue-driving plans to create more accurate financial plans and forecasts
  • Flexibly support changing revenue recognition standards required across plan stages
  • Leverage 15+ unique revenue models in the Revenue Planning app (units, services, SaaS, and more)
  • Planning and budgeting based on underlying drivers, actual history, bottom-up, sales projections, or statistical analysis
Personnel planning
  • Plan for people at the group, role, or individual level to drive details important to your business
  • Split, transfer, and adjust headcount across hierarchies (business units, regions, projects)
  • Automate key calculations (FICA, FUTA), benefits, and salaries for fast, accurate, consistent plans
  • Incorporate data from external payroll and HRIS systems to align with plan information
CapEx planning
  • Model and review impact of capital spending on P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Automate depreciation methods, including straight line and reducing balance
  • See real-time impact with capital additions, depreciation rates, repairs, and maintenance
  • Customize payment plans, evaluation, and approval
Reporting and dashboarding
  • Complete financial reporting (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow) across plan, actual, forecast
  • Pivot reports by any dimension (time, geography, product) for on-the-fly, no code, views
  • Role-based dashboards and KPIs for relevant, at-a-glance insight—maps, charts, waterfall, alerts, etc.
  • Excel® add-in to support presentation formatting and XBRL tagging
  • Flexible offline sharing via Microsoft Office (Excel®, PowerPoint®) and Adobe PDF

What's new

Version 2.1.3 Oct. 2016
  • Rolling forecast dashboard
  • Value fixes and graph changes

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