In business, everyone needs to plan. But not everyone understands the planning models they use to run their business because the formulas may be buried within cells of disparate spreadsheets. The Anaplan App Hub is changing all of that. We’re empowering everyday business users to quickly understand and tailor the formulas and functions used in powerful business planning apps.

This app gives workspace admins better control over who has access to a model's dashboards.
Access Control
Learn popular modeling instances in Anaplan with our interactive Modeling Examples app.
Anaplan Modeling Examples
Questus Solutions' Cross Currency Conversion app allows you define and convert currencies based on input lists, currency pairs, and monthly spot rates.
Cross Currency Conversion
This interactive Learning app will teach you how to create clean and easy to use dashboards in Anaplan.
Dashboard Creation Guidelines
The Data Hub is an app that stores Master Data (Product Hierarchy, Customer Hierarchy, etc) that are common across multiple apps.
Data Hub
This version of the Marketing Resource Management app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0
Data Hub - Marketing Resource Management
This version of the Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0.
Data Hub - Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
This version of the Workforce Planning app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0
Data Hub - Workforce Planning
The Descriptive Statistics Learning App is designed to teach Anaplan users how to add basic statistical calculations to any model. In this app we use historical data over a period of time as the primary input to calculate fundamental statistical terms.
Descriptive Statistics
Learn how to use the Dynamic Charting function in Anaplan. With this app you will learn how to eliminate the time consuming process of updating time scale charts every time a model is updated from the current period to the next period.
Dynamic Charting
Quickly gain practical experience with the Anaplan platform using the Formulas and Functions app.
Formulas and Functions
The goal of Anaplan's Incentive Comp Enablement app is to educate users on how to implement Anaplan model building best practices in the context of ICM.
Incentive Compensation Enablement
The Incentive Compensation Enablement Data Hub is to be downloaded concurrently with the Incentive Compensation Enablement calculations app to house all related core data.
Incentive Compensation Enablement Data Hub
Build along to Anaplan's 102 enablement course with this app.
Introduction to Model Building
Gain hands hands on experience with Linear Regression Analysis in Anaplan with this interactive Learning app.
Linear Regression Example
Plan Rocket Consulting has created this app as a guide for using the CREATE, DELETE, and ASSIGN actions to modify numbered lists in projects.
Numbered Lists
Snapshotting is a common technique used to store data in an Anaplan model while avoiding the use of the Versions feature.
Snapshotting Learning App
This Learning App teaches model builders the best way to easily apply time filters to modules, in order to increase usage and performance of their models.
Time Filters
The Trigonometry Functions Learning App explains how to build Sine (SIN), Cosine (COS), and Tangent (TAN) graphs in Anaplan.
Trigonometry Functions
Stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Anaplan with our "What's new?" app. This app will give you examples of the newest features by release to make sure your planning is always improving and is unstoppable.
What's New in Anaplan