With Anaplan's Demand Planning app, you don’t need to depend on expensive and time-consuming IT projects. Own your demand plan with a level of flexibility that allows you to rapidly adapt to market shifts.
Supply Chain
Demand Planning
Anaplan takes the headcount and payroll planning process out of spreadsheet silos and into one dashboard—enabling Finance and HR to track actual and forecasted headcount with the right workforce planning tool.
Headcount and Payroll Planning
Leverage Anaplan's Inventory Management app to easily maintain a profitable balance between speed, customer service levels, market share and the cost of inventory across all channels.
Supply Chain
Inventory Management
Use your Account Based Marketing data to optimize your marketing spending in one solution —from allocation of budget, planning marketing campaigns to forecasting.
Account Based Marketing Planning
This app from Just Analytics is specifically built for the Shipping industry FP&A process on the powerful Anaplan platform.
FP&A for the Shipping Industry
Rep Planner is Periscope by McKinsey’s sales growth analytics and sales planning platform.
Rep Planner
Enhance the sales forecasting process by allowing customers to forecast direct and distributor sales, compare with statistical forecasting, and other forecast key figures.
Sales Forecasting for Manufacturing
Analyze your supply chain performance with Key performance metrics from the world’s leading supply chain framework - Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR).
Supply Chain
This tool enables companies to make SKU exit decisions with confidence and coordination.
Supply Chain
SKU Optimization – Exit
The Transfer Pricing for CPG App demonstrates how key TP processes can be supported by Anaplan platform.
Transfer Pricing for CPG