Anaplan’s Marketing Performance Management app increases the efficiency of marketing teams by providing capabilities to plan, manage, and optimize marketing spend across channels, departments, and geographies.
Marketing Performance Management
The SmartAMP app enables you to calculate the headcount to be recruited at a given point of time for a particular process at a particular location for a specific customer, considering the forecast given by the sales team.
Agile Manpower Planning
Site/Plot Planning
Assortment Planning & Control
With this app from Anaplan, reps now have a single system of record at their fingertips to quickly and accurately quote and price deals.
Deal Desk
Put structure, speed, collaboration, and accuracy into your SaaS business financial planning process with the Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting App for SaaS from Anaplan.
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for SaaS
Are you finding it difficult to rapidly make cross-functional decisions to align supply and demand and respond to disruptions? The Anaplan S&OP app lets you grow in process maturity.
Supply Chain
Sales and Operations Planning
Integrated business planning of forecasting and demand planning for sales, marketing, business units, customers, distributors, operations, finance, and executive management.
Supply Chain
Sales and Operations Planning from Solvanni
With this app from Daydream, corporate strategy teams can analysis B2B services or products across region, market & application.
Strategy Planning and Analysis