Anaplan takes the headcount and payroll planning process out of spreadsheet silos and into one dashboard—enabling Finance and HR to track actual and forecasted headcount with the right workforce planning tool.
Headcount and Payroll Planning
Your organization can quickly and effectively manage new hire enablement with this Onboarding app from Anaplan.
Anaplan's app for Statistical Product Forecasting enables you to use various statistical algorithms to generate product forecasts.
Statistical Product Forecasting
Use your Account Based Marketing data to optimize your marketing spending in one solution —from allocation of budget, planning marketing campaigns to forecasting.
Account Based Marketing Planning
Planning process for hotels, casinos, and resorts. This app enables hoteliers to perform end-to-end planning for key processes.
Business Planning for Hotels and Casinos
With this app from Anaplan, reps now have a single system of record at their fingertips to quickly and accurately quote and price deals.
Deal Desk
Connect HR, operations, and finance by viewing the impact of your restaurant's forecasted covers, labor hours, and expense down to the daily level leveraging historical actuals and statistical forecasting methods.
Operations Labor Planning - Restaurant
This application is ideal for Restaurants & Bars, Retail Shops, Hotel Managers but could be used in any industry where volume drives labor planning and scheduling.
Predictive Labor Optimization
With this app from Anaplan you can create what-if scenarios that drill down to the opportunity product level across all sales pipeline stages.
Product Sales Forecasting
Leveraging predictive analytics, we forecast the main drivers of your restaurant labor. Then, using these drivers, a daily and weekly covers and sales forecast is created.
Restaurant Workforce Planning
Utilize this app to help your Restaurants/Store(s) plan sales growth for the year, OpEx for the year, Cost of Sales for the year, and Optimize your workforce to plan around your high and low traffic times.
Workforce Planning
Restaurants Planning - FP&A & Workforce Optimization