Higher Education

Quickly get your Activity Based Shared Services tracking and planning up and running with with Impetus' ABC Shared Services app for the Anaplan platform.
ABC Shared Services Allocations
Developed by consultants with vast ABC expertise, BetterVu's complete ABC solution can be used on it's own or as part of your other Anaplan models.
Activity Based Costing
Anaplan for Agile Implementation incorporates tenets and elements of agile project methodology as it aligns with the Anaplan Way, including planning and requirements analysis, designing around user story creation and segmentation for sprints, modeling, un
Agile Implementation - The Anaplan Way
Identify which initiatives to focus on and the impact those initiatives will have on value creation with the Business Case Management app built by Executit for the Anaplan platform.
Business Case Management
Executit brings its expertise to Anaplan with the Business Management Scorecard. Define and prioritize your business' KPIs for each management level with this app.
Business Management Scorecard
Anaplan's Capital Expenditure app allows you to easily plan your CAPEX projects with the power of the Anaplan platform.
Capex Planning
Establish a common language between IT and the business. Enable IT to better quantify and articulate the value provided to the business. Create a basis for more meaningful financial planning and more transparent chargeback processes.
IT Financial Management and Cost Transparency (US)
Anaplan's Generic Statistical Forecasting App for multiple use cases allows you to upload a customized hierarchy from a flat CSV file, load historical data, and generate forecasts using various statistical algorithms.
Monthly Statistical Forecasting for Finance, Sales, or Supply Chain
With Anaplan’s planning and budgeting for Higher Education, you can create and connect user–friendly plans and formulas with financial and operational drivers—across your entire institution.
Higher Education
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting - Higher Education
Effectively manage an entire portfolio of projects , automating data collection, providing data quality checks, analyzing project KPIs across entities, geographies, lines of business or functions in dashboards and running what if scenarios.
Project Portfolio Management
The Semester Planning model enables Higher Education Institutions to address the challenging task of coordinating and managing the Academic Calendar.
Semester Planning
Increase the accuracy of your Institution’s annual tuition and discount forecast through student enrollment, tuition, pricing, and discount drivers.
Student Enrollment & Cohort Model
Anaplan's Workforce Planning app includes a comprehensive set of features and functionalities for planning at any company.
Workforce Planning