Enables organizations to analyze the impact of commodities price fluctuations on company performance.
Commodity Sensitivity
Use this powerful app from Abacist Analytix to quickly adopt CPG revenue planning best practices.
Supply Chain
CPG Customer Account Planner
The Retail and Consumer planning app from PwC allows you to allocate corporate non-segment expenses to segment and product level(s).
CPG Retail Allocation and Profitability (US)
The Data Hub is an app that stores Master Data (Product Hierarchy, Customer Hierarchy, etc) that are common across multiple apps.
Data Hub
This version of the Marketing Resource Management app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0
Data Hub - Marketing Resource Management
This version of the Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0.
Data Hub - Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
This version of the Workforce Planning app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0
Data Hub - Workforce Planning
Valizant’s Demand Driven Distribution app on Anaplan helps you achieve the right allocations and transfers across the distribution network more easily through its comprehensive design and ready to use technology.
Supply Chain
Demand Driven Distribution
Bring a balance between demand, supply and revenue. Understand the impact of demand upside, supply failures. Simulate these scenarios as what -if and be prepared.
Supply Chain
Demand Supply and Revenue Balance
Valizant’s Forecast Variability Analysis app on Anaplan helps your organization achieve better forecast quality.
Supply Chain
Forecast Variability Analysis
This app from Anaplan is specifically designed for long-term capacity planning in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.
Supply Chain
Long Term Capacity Planning
Accurately forecast the life cycle of your products, planning for the introduction of new products and ending the life of products.
Market Forecasting for Manufacturing
The Market Share and Growth Forecasting app from Anaplan is perfect for business owners, corporate finance and strategy teams.
Market Share and Growth Forecasting
This app allows planners to generate a merchandise financial plan and incorporate that plan into a store sales plan and product assortment plan.
Merchandise and Assortment Planning
The NPI - Stages and Gates app allows users to track individual projects as well as the entire portfolio from conception to launch.
Supply Chain
NPI - Stages and Gates
Put structure, speed, consistency, collaboration, and accuracy into your FP&A process for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) with Anaplan.
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for CPG
Provides companies within the C&IP industry the ability to build a forecasts based on statistical modeling.
Predictive Forecasting
This Demand Policy app by Valizant helps you to classify your product mix into three segments and assign an appropriate planning policy to each set of items.
Supply Chain
Product Segmentation and Demand Policy
Gain visibility into the next season's range with this Retail Buy and Range Planning app from Bedford Consulting.
Supply Chain
Retail Buy and Range Planning
Leverage historical data to rapidly forecast, model and manage revenue at the store level with this app from Anaplan.
Retail Product Volume Planning and Forecasting
Model complex revenue drivers, like seasonality, with this powerful Retail Store Forecasting and Planning app available on the Anaplan App Hub.
Retail Store Forecasting and Planning
Generate production plans subject to capacity constraints, as well as product and customer region shelf-life parameters.
Supply Chain
Rough-Cut Capacity Planning with Shelf Life
Are you finding it difficult to rapidly make cross-functional decisions to align supply and demand and respond to disruptions? The Anaplan S&OP app lets you grow in process maturity.
Supply Chain
Sales and Operations Planning
Take advantage of Deloitte Consulting SEA's expertise with their S&OP app for the Anaplan platform.
Supply Chain
Sales and Operations Planning from Deloitte
Enhance the sales forecasting process by allowing customers to forecast direct and distributor sales, compare with statistical forecasting, and other forecast key figures.
Sales Forecasting for Manufacturing
Analyze your supply chain performance with Key performance metrics from the world’s leading supply chain framework - Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR).
Supply Chain
With this app from Daydream, corporate strategy teams can analysis B2B services or products across region, market & application.
Strategy Planning and Analysis
The Supply Planning app assists manufacturing organizations to visualize and plan their supply chains from Distribution Operations back to Production Planning.
Supply Chain
Supply Planning
This app will enable you to drive higher gross margins and net sales by ensuring you are targeting the right customers, locations, and products.
Supply Chain
Trade and Promotion Planning
The Transfer Pricing for CPG App demonstrates how key TP processes can be supported by Anaplan platform.
Transfer Pricing for CPG
An approach that is focused on taking costs out of areas with little impact and spending in areas that drive growth
Zero Based Budgeting