Determine the right level of human capacity required under various scenarios and assumptions, and compare it to planned available capacity, enabling managers to efficiently and accurately optimize their staffing needs.
Labor Planning for Insurance Operations
This Theoretical Waterfall model for private equity funds takes a feed of investor contributions and distributions (from source systems Investran, FrontInvest or equivalent) and calculates a distribution waterfall.
Private Equity Theoretical Waterfall
Effectively manage an entire portfolio of projects , automating data collection, providing data quality checks, analyzing project KPIs across entities, geographies, lines of business or functions in dashboards and running what if scenarios.
Project Portfolio Management
The Transfer Pricing for Financial Services App is a proof of concept model to demonstrate how principles of cost allocation and transfer pricing can be calculated and reported in Anaplan.
Transfer Pricing for Financial Services (UK)
Developed by consultants with vast ABC expertise, BetterVu's complete ABC solution can be used on it's own or as part of your other Anaplan models.
Activity Based Costing
This model provides the user with the ability to define a large family of possible financing scenarios and returns a complete set of results for payment requirements.
A financial model used for forecasting potential future investment management and expense streams for an asset management business.
Asset Management
With the Call Center Planning app you can easily answer key questions like: What will be the average wait time for a caller? How many agents do I staff at each call center given different call volumes?
Call Center Planning
Anaplan's Capital Expenditure app allows you to easily plan your CAPEX projects with the power of the Anaplan platform.
Capex Planning
This app provides an effective and practical solution for global tax provisioning. Built for the Anaplan platform by Finext and The Resource, this app ensures fully documented, timely and comprehensive quarterly and annual reports.
Corporate Tax Reporting
Consolidate and close in real time with an app that addresses the comprehensive requirements of complex global enterprises.
Financial Consolidation - IFRS
With Anaplan's US GAAP financial consolidation app, you can speed the financial close with a single platform while complying with US GAAP standards.
Financial Consolidation - US GAAP
The Anaplan Global Compensation for Banking app provides large banks with a scalable and agile planning and modeling.
Global Compensation for Banking
This app from Anaplan empowers compensation teams & sales leaders to accurately forecast commissions, eliminate errors and increase sales performance.
Incentive Compensation
Propel your deal desk’s M&A activity and get real-time answers to how an operational and/or financing scenario impacts your return on investment at the deal and portfolio levels.
Investment Management - LBO
Establish a common language between IT and the business. Enable IT to better quantify and articulate the value provided to the business. Create a basis for more meaningful financial planning and more transparent chargeback processes.
IT Financial Management and Cost Transparency (US)
Anaplan’s Marketing Performance Management app increases the efficiency of marketing teams by providing capabilities to plan, manage, and optimize marketing spend across channels, departments, and geographies.
Marketing Performance Management
Your FP&A team can rapidly deploy operational data and processes with this planning, budgeting and forecasting app from Anaplan.
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
This app for sales forecasting enables ops teams to perform top-down and deal-based aggregates and complete week over week trending on-the-fly.
Sales Forecasting