Aerospace & Defense

Your FP&A team can rapidly deploy operational data and processes with this planning, budgeting and forecasting app from Anaplan.
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
Anaplan's Project Planning app allows users to effectively manage projects and resource availability at the task level to maximize project efficiency.
Project Planning
The 3P Quotas App brings science and analytics to your quota setting process, enabling you to set fair, equitable, and motivating quotas for your sales organization.
3P Quotas: Predict, Perform, Perfect
Use your Account Based Marketing data to optimize your marketing spending in one solution —from allocation of budget, planning marketing campaigns to forecasting.
Account Based Marketing Planning
The Airline Flight Route Profitability App demonstrates how Anaplan can allow an airline to be on top of Flight profitability.
Airline Flight Route Profitability (FRP)
The Airline Revenue Planning app is designed to model revenue planning specifically for Airline Industry and view various reports which will help during the planning exercise.
Airline Revenue Planning
This model uses capacity and demand data to forecast revenue for a set of routes using a logistic growth function. A list of demand drivers (passengers, cargo, etc.) with capacity information may be created and edited for any period in the time scale.
Airport Revenue Forecasting
This Demand Policy app by Valizant helps you to classify your product mix into three segments and assign an appropriate planning policy to each set of items.
Supply Chain
Product Segmentation and Demand Policy
The Quotations & Industrial Projects app calculates the quotation of parts in one industrial setting, and monitor the overall financial profitability of a project.
Quotations & Industrial Projects
Are you finding it difficult to rapidly make cross-functional decisions to align supply and demand and respond to disruptions? The Anaplan S&OP app lets you grow in process maturity.
Supply Chain
Sales and Operations Planning
Enhance the sales forecasting process by allowing customers to forecast direct and distributor sales, compare with statistical forecasting, and other forecast key figures.
Sales Forecasting for Manufacturing
Analyze your supply chain performance with Key performance metrics from the world’s leading supply chain framework - Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR).
Supply Chain
This tool enables companies to make SKU exit decisions with confidence and coordination.
Supply Chain
SKU Optimization – Exit
With this app from Daydream, corporate strategy teams can analysis B2B services or products across region, market & application.
Strategy Planning and Analysis
This Safety Stock Planning app uses industry standard formula for calculation of cost optimized service level percentages and corresponding safety stock quantities per month
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Inventory Planning
App designed to support advanced S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and APS (Advance Planning & Scheduling) challenges.
Supply Chain
Supply Demand Optimization (APS & S&OP)
The Transfer Pricing for CPG App demonstrates how key TP processes can be supported by Anaplan platform.
Transfer Pricing for CPG