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Dynamic. Adaptive. Iterative. Anaplan for Agile Implementation incorporates tenets and elements of agile project methodology as it aligns with the Anaplan Way, including planning and requirements analysis, designing around user story creation and segmentation for sprints, modeling, unit testing, and acceptance testing. You get all the benefits of the cloud-based, highly collaborative Anaplan platform to unleash the talent and creativity of your team for your Anaplan implementation.


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Why Anaplan for Agile Implementation - The Anaplan Way?

Start with a blueprint for your project planning needs, creating and segmenting user stories into sprints. Manage your project from start to finish, with real-time adjustments on project scope, project milestones and tasks, and project resource margins.
Use a library of KPIs, or build your own, to test and identify activity metrics and available resources for predicting your project completion. Anaplan’s project planning software offers you the ability to apply an unlimited number of driver-based “what-if” scenarios to model, for example, resource capacity plans, the impact of availability constraints, by skill set and experience, or other drivers.
Bring visibility to your projects with built-in calendars and reports, including resource gaps and burndown rate.


What's new
  • Execute and manage Anaplan implementation projects, from requirement scoping to go-live, using the Agile methodology
  • Project scoping: Provide a high-level project scope for dates, sprints, and epic days
  • Set up lists and drivers: Copy/set up projects, epics, people, and assumptions of a project
  • Estimate workspace size: Provide a rough estimate of model size based on assumptions of the design
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix: Define participation by roles to complete tasks in the project
  • In-line dashboard text comments aid in collaboration since everyone with access sees changes made in real time
  • Built-in dashboards for reporting and analytics visualization (charts, graphs, maps)
  • Microsoft Office Excel®, Word®, and PowerPoint® add-ins provide productivity and efficiency in reporting
  • Flexible configuration capabilities mean you configure the project planning software to your processes, not the other way around
  • Project Calendar: Input sprint dates, model builder, and customer days into a calendar view
  • Sprint Planning: Validate user story understanding, assign a level of effort and determine the appropriate user story
  • Project Planning: Allows for additional project planning considerations to supplement the Anaplan model build
  • User Story: Used for an overview of user stories by project or epic
  • User Story Details: Used to show the details of a specific user story
  • User Stories by Sprint: View the user stories assigned to a particular sprint for easy updating throughout the project
  • Build and Completion Planning: Plan out week-over-week epic design, build, and test plan
  • Create new tasks on-the-fly with start and end dates, and assign resources by role for task completion
  • Easy-to-use, Excel-like formula builder to configure workforce policy rules using familiar Excel formulas and syntax
  • Agile Story Board: Use this as a high-level overview to update user stories week-over-week
  • Daily Scrum Notes: Track daily scrum notes and action times from the scrum
  • Sprint Review: High-level overview of project and sprint status by priority, epic, phase, and person
  • Outstanding Actions: Track outstanding actions and items from scrums or other meetings
  • Time Tracking: Compares actual hours to CSP (Customer Success Package) and latest plan for time tracking reports
  • Budget Tracking: comprehensive tracking of actual hours and total budget, overview of optimal estimated versus actual hours burned from User Story completion
  • Performance Testing: Use as a collaborative space for end-users to share performance testing results
  • Model Optimization: During or after implementation, use the Model Optimization dashboard as a place to analyze the Model Blueprint. Additionally, review the dashboard for model sizing optimization tips
  • Test Script Development: Use to develop, update and assign test scripts to the appropriate tester during User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing Page: End user testing made easy with a specific dashboard and role for end users to navigate to throughout UAT
  • Testing Summary: Overview on testing execution and status of testing log and test script execution
  • Anaplan Training: Refer to Anapedia and the Learning Center to help train on basics for your model deployment

What's new

December 8, 2016
  • Updated to align with the Anaplan Way from requirement scoping through go-live
  • Robust functionality to execute user acceptance testing
  • Comprehensive budget tracking to quickly manage for weekly status reports
  • Improved dynamic charts and graphs throughout the model
January 29, 2016
  • Execute and manage Anaplan implementation projects from requirement scoping to go-live using the Agile methodology
  • Establish and track changes to project scope, sprints, status, and resources
  • Estimate the size of your Anaplan app with the Workspace Sizing module
  • Utilize project analytics to manage financial impacts in real time
  • Bring visibility to your projects with built-in calendars and reports, including resource gaps and burndown

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